He’d never had a dry night!

He’d never had a dry night!

Our son was just turning 7 years old and had never had a dry night. Not even close. We were struggling to contain his wetness and he would most often wet right through any type of nappy or pull-up.

It seemed like day after day we were struggling with washing his entire bed covers, sheets, duvet covers, everything!

At first it didn’t seem to bother him too much about wetting. We tried everything. We offered him rewards to stay dry, we tried sticker charts, we tried lifting him to the toilet. Nothing worked.

When his little brother, at age 5 started staying dry at night, our 7 year old decided he had had enough (and so had we!).

A friend told us how a bedwetting alarm worked for her son so we decided to give it a go. I was sceptical…we had never had a dry night! We set up the alarm, explained to our son how it worked and set about using it every night. The alarm would sound, we’d go into his room, take him to the toilet and repeat the routine each night. We were stunned when the 5th night arrived and he didn’t wake AND he didn’t wet!

Within a week of using the alarm he was dry every night. He is now 9 and since using the alarm he has only had 2 wet nights. It was the best money we have ever spent.

When I think back to when we were so frustrated from the endless washing and trying to find a more absorbent nappy I only wish we’d found the alarm sooner!

Mum to Jack – Christchurch