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I cannot recommend the Rodger alarm system more highly….

“I cannot recommend the Rodger alarm system more highly. We have tried many alarms with nil success. We were desperate to help our son, stopping short of medication due to the side effects and no guarantee that the bedwetting would stop when medication ceased. We tried many different alarms, but watched a demo on YouTube which convinced us to buy the Rodger system. For a start, the alarm goes off as soon as a trickle of urine is felt, rather than with a sheet alarm which goes off after the sheet is already wet – the horse has bolted, so to speak. Our son has now had three weeks dry after a total of two months. He used to wet the bed 2-3 times a night for years, so this is a miracle for him. He slept through the alarm the first night, but on the third night he was dry, and he had some wet nights on and off, but has now had three weeks of absolutely no bed wetting. The underwear is soft, well fitting, and the receiver always stays on and he is a restless sleeper. The underwear also washes well. Our son has had a huge confidence boost and we are so relieved that his life has improved – he will soon be able to go on sleepovers, and camp for school. Honestly, his self esteem is worth the cost, but over the years we have spent so much money on pull-ups, mattress protectors, washing many sheets – I urge anyone with a bedwetting child to consider the Rodger system, and may you experience the joy and relief of the cessation of bedwetting as we have.” - Happy parent